Attention Adult Entertainers! Learn the Secrets of How to Grow Your Business, Make More Money From Your Clients & DOMINATE the Competition!

Tired of Waiting Around for Customers to Call You or Buy Your Stuff?? Now You Can Do Something About it!

Presenting my NEW, 12 part, downloadable video training series called:

The Dominant Marketing System

This 12 part video series was designed to teach independent adult entertainers (such as phone sex operators, dominatrixes, cam performers etc) effective, cutting edge, digital marketing strategies for how to grow your business, make more money from your clients and DOMINATE the competition!

So here’s the deal…

We all know that the adult industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. Because of file sharing and tube sites, people aren’t paying for porn so much anymore. It has become a cheap commodity.

And, while this is a big problem for those adult business who have failed to change with the times, this actually provides a huge opportunity for YOU, as an independent adult entertainer, to take advantage of the situation and profit from it.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it has come to the point where people are bored with porn! They want something unique. They need people like you, the independent adult entertainer, to provide that to them, and they are willing to pay premium prices to get it!

The FUTURE of Adult is about specialization, engagement and innovative technology. Not the same old, free cookie cutter porn that has been gathering dust for years. The Adult Biz 2.0 is ALL about YOU!

But there’s a problem…

Because of this very reason, there have never before been so many new adult entertainers coming in and struggling to compete in the space. As a result, it has become MUCH more difficult for the average PSO, Dom or Cam Performer to get decent exposure and be heard above the noise of not only the crowded independent scene, but also the web itself.

To add to that, the web and technology are changing so rapidly, that the old, tried and true ways of marketing and promotion for adult businesses simply don’t work anymore.

You can’t just slap up a set of erotic pics online anymore and expect to attract anyone’s attention, much less have them give you money.

Unfortunately, these days, unless you possess a solid understanding of modern, digital media and digital marketing, (regardless of the type of business you are in, adult or otherwise) you simply can not expect to be competitive in this new and constantly changing digital economy.

Digital Marketing Skills Are No Longer a Nice To Have.
They Are a Must!

The key to success in the new adult industry  is to understand what the changes are in this new mobile, social and digital adult world we live in, and adapt to them by applying modern, digital marketing strategies.

This course was designed to teach you these strategies, so you can effectively compete in this new & changing digital environment. It will teach you how to set up systems that will give you a strategic advantage not only your competition in the adult space, but strategies that can be applied and effective in any industry.

So, if you are interested in learning how to take control of your marketing and learn how to apply systems that can effectively improve your business and allow you to DOMINATE  your customers and the competition, then click the Buy Now button below and pick up this course!

Price: $99



So, here’s what you’ll get in the course:

  • Video 1: Introduction – A Basic Overview of the Course
  • Video 2: Platforms and Marketing – Platforms and the secret psychology and brain chemistry to successful marketing.
  • Video 3: The Sales Funnel – My top secret strategy for gaining ultimate control of your business, capturing your customers and making more money from them. You’ll learn a process called “Designed to Remind” TM.
  • Video 4: WordPress – A basic overview of using WordPress blogging software.
  • Video 5: Installing WordPress – How to quickly and easily install WordPress.
  • Video 5: WordPress Design – How to set up a basic WordPress blog template including an introduction to Responsive Design and why it is critical for the future.
  • Video 7: WordPress Plugins – The WordPress plugins I use and how they will benefit you.
  • Video 8: The Mailing List – Setting up the software for a very powerful marketing tool, the mailing list.
  • Video 9: Premium Positioning – How to position yourself to attract high paying affluent customers.
  • Video 10: Product Creation – The secrets of creating products and a process I call selling shovels.
  • Video 11: Traffic – Top secret traffic generating ideas
  • Video 12: Niches – How to discover unique and profitable niches to dominate the competition.


Please Read BEFORE Purchasing!

This purchase contains a pdf file that includes the login info for downloading the files to this course. The videos in the course are recorded in MP4 format, so in order to use this course you will need the following software as well as have the computer skills and understanding of how to use it:
– Software that can read a .pdf file
– Software that can unzip a .zip file
– Software that can play an .MP4 video file

Price: $99



This course contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by using this course or following the advice that it contains, you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business. Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your control.

As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.